Stop bad dubbing

Your customers will love you for it

Consumers really do not like dubbed commercials

Independent studies prove it

Read more about the studies done by
Stichting Etherreclame (STER) and Tilburg University PhD Debby Damen

How does it work?

The press about Perfect Dubs

One commercial, many languages

DeepSync AI

You want to tell authentic stories. But bad dubbing hurts the message your commercial wants to convey.

With the help of the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning we perfectly dub and lipsync your commercial.

We train our AI on the mouth movements of the actors in your commercials. The end result is a commercial that looks and feels like it has not been dubbed.

No more voiceovers

One commercial... everywhere

Gone are the days when you had to avoid showing people speaking, or being forced to use voice-overs in your commercials. DeepSync AI swaps the mouth of your commercials actors with a synthetic one. This creates a perfectly dubbed commercial which enables you to promote your brand in an authentic way in any language.

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Why it works

People resonate with authenticity

Dubbed commercials feel "off" to your customer. Dubbing disturbs the message. Deep Real fixes that, your commercials feel authentically local because the dubbing can't be seen by the consumer. This increases the effectiveness of your ads.

Familiarity increases intent to buy

Many psychology studies have shown that perceived similarity has a positive effect on our perceptions of others. The more we identify with the person in the commercial, the bigger the impact on brand sentiment and buying intent

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