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Bad dubbing hurts the story you tell
We are here to fix that

With the use of the latest Deep tech developments, we enable you to tell authentic stories in multiple languages. By training our AI on the mouth movements of your commercials main characters we can dub the audio flawlessly.

The end result is a commercial that looks and feels like it has not been dubbed.

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The press about Perfect Dubs

consumers really don't like dubbed commercials INDEPENDENT studies prove it

Dubbing negatively influences the
effectiveness of your commercial
Consumers think dubbed commercials look inauthentic
63% of consumers say dubbed commercials look cheap

Studies done by Stichting Etherreclame (STER) and Debby Damen PhD Tilburg university

one commercial... everywhere

Gone are the days when you had to avoid showing people speaking, or being forced to use voice-overs in your commercials. Our Deep Tech swaps the mouth of your commercials actors with a synthetic one. This creates a perfectly dubbed commercial which enables you to promote your brand in an authentic way in any language.

How it works

We won't bore you with all the details that go into localizing your commercial (If you want to know the details, check out this page). But high level it works as follows:

  • Extracting and learning
    We extract thousands of frames from your "source" commercial and start training our AI.
  • Record audio and video of the voiceover
    Filming the voice-over while recording the audio is the first step in creating a realistic looking dubbed commercial.
  • Create the localized commercial
    Now that the model is trained and the voice-overs have been recorded we can start creating your local commercials.

why it works

People resonate with authenticity

Dubbed commercials feel "off" to your customer. Dubbing disturbs the message. Deep Real fixes that, your commercials feel authentically local because the dubbing can't be seen by the consumer. This increases the effectiveness of your ads.

Familiarity increases intent to buy

Many psychology studies have shown that perceived similarity has a positive effect on our perceptions of others. The more we identify with the person in the commercial, the bigger the impact on brand sentiment and buying intent.

What does it cost?

The pricing of our solution is based on two elements:

  1. The number of people you want to dub
    We train our models on the facial features of the actors. The more people speaking, the longer the training time.
  2. The number of languages required
    Once the hard part is done, it's a matter of finding the right voice per language. This comes at a fixed cost per language.
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The press about Perfect Dubs

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