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The Art of AI-Assisted Dubbing
Douglas Voeten
January 7, 2023
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In the world of TV commercials, the “magic” of artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the essence of storytelling across languages. Gone are the days of awkwardly mismatched lip movements and out-of-sync voiceovers. AI is here to make commercials feel as natural as the original, no matter the language.

The Importance of Lip-Sync in Crafting Authentic Connections

First impressions are paramount, especially in the world of advertising, where every frame counts. Recall those moments when you’ve encountered a commercial with misaligned lip-syncing – it's jarring and disrupts the narrative flow. It’s like watching someone dancing off-beat, it just doesn’t look good.

Research further supports this, indicating that poor dubbing can negatively impact brand perception, suggesting a lack of authenticity and quality. AI is the key to bridging this gap, captivating viewers with a seamless narrative that keeps them engaged with the core message.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: AI's Middle Names

Traditionally, international brands faced a trilemma: create unique commercials for each market, dub existing commercials, or avoid on-screen dialogue altogether, opting for voiceovers. AI introduces a fourth option – perfect lip-syncing through deep learning algorithms. This approach not only enhances the authenticity of the message but is also more economical than producing new commercials from scratch. It streamlines the production process, saving time and resources, while still delivering the impact of a locally created advertisement.

The Human Touch

Authenticity is very important to us. That might sound a bit weird for a company providing AI lip-syncing services, but it’s true. We know that consumers value authenticity and that is why we only use our DeepSync algorithms to synchronize the mouth movements to the dubbed audio which a human voice actor records. After DeepSync provides us with the first version, our engineers jump in to go through the output frame by frame, polishing any remaining imperfections manually. Resulting in a Pixel Perfect Dub.

We believe that this provides the best result and ensures the message of your commercial stays intact.

Better international commercials are here

The role of AI in TV advertising is set to grow. AI's role in creating perfectly lip-synced TV commercials is a game-changer. It's enhancing viewer experiences, cutting costs, and opening up global markets. It's not just about speaking in different languages; it's about speaking them well.

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